Hull Fixed Matches

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Fixed Matches

Fixed Matches

Fixed Matches

Remember that the first step in reducing juice is determining the appropriate break-even percentages for each team. In our previous example, the total break even percentage for each Hull Fixed Match was 112%. The number that bookies utilize is the overround. The likelihood of a +EV Hull Fixed Match increases with decreasing overround. There is a probability for arbitrage if the overround is less than 100%, in addition to a high likelihood of a +EV Hull bet.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that when line shopping, a Hull Fixed Match may still be worthwhile even if the overround is higher than 100%. Although extensive research may still show one of the Hull Fixed Matches to be +EV 10-15% of the time, the overrounds will be larger than 100% 95% of the time. Let’s look at a recent instance that is still available for Hull betting.

I recently visited a dozen different websites to compare the Hull Fixed Matches for the NFC West. I did some research and found the best price on one of the teams on these three sets of betting lines.

Starting with the wager with the worst payout odds, let’s go on. With $448.98 on the Rams/49ers +145 at TheGreek and $61.11 on the Hull +1700 at Bookmaker, we could match Sportsbook’s $500 Seahawks +120 wager. $1,010.09 was spent in total on the Hull Fixed Matches. Regardless of the outcome, the payout of $1,100 ensures a profit of $89.91 for each Hull bet

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